Listen to the Books' The Way Out Now on

Listen to the Books' <i>The Way Out</i> Now on
Since the Books' New York City formation in 1999, the duo have been difficult to categorize, much less tucked neatly into a box arranged alphabetically on a shelf. Often cited as being in a genre of their own, the found-sound aficionados orchestrate surrealist soundscapes layered with samplings of thrift-store audio clips, spoken word and random noise, as well as acoustic and electric instrumentation of their own. Five years in the making, the band's latest album The Way Out has been a long time coming.

The Way Out hits stores on July 20 via Temporary Residence, but you can listen to it here, where it is streaming all week on

The record's collection of tracks are just that - a collection, each one unique yet collectively cohesive and woven together in a sonic collage of tightly controlled chaos. With actual lyrics and melodies, "All You Need Is a Wall," "We Bought the Flood" and "Free Translator" are essentially the Books' versions of well-crafted pop songs. Exploring more vocal contribution and musical genres, this might be the eclectic duo's most accessible album to date.

Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong are composers first and musicians second, and their long-awaited "comeback," if you will, showcases their progression as producers and artists. The Way Out's updated, yet familiar, texture of intricate cut-and-paste sound sculpting epitomizes the essence of the Books and make the five-year drought well worth the wait.

The Way Out will be streaming on until July 26.

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