Lisa Papineau Night Moves

This is the first solo release from American-born and Paris-based Lisa Papineau. Having grown-up playing the flute and oboe in Rhode Island, Papineau moved coasts several times and collaborated with everyone from the Rentals to Air to Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford. On Night Moves Papineau’s sound is more akin to that of French electro than Rage’s politicised rock. The French influence can be traced directly to her Parisian surroundings and band-mates Thomas Huiban and Matthieu LeSenechal. Together they’ve created an album that plays as though a song in its entirety, the individual tracks are seamlessly sewn together by Papineau’s breathy vocals and the clever arrangement of Spanish guitar, synthesisers and handclaps. The album picks-up closer to the end with "Call Me Frenchy” and "Saxophone Calypso,” both of which build a melody around catchy choruses. "Saxophone Calypso” is the most memorable track on the album opening with a stilted organ as the melody is quickly adorned with a simple and catchy "da di, da di, da” refrain. The saxophone, however, is conspicuously missing. (Modular/Universal)