Liquid Car Crash Conspiranoia

Hailing from Windsor, ON, this progressive pop-punk outfit sticks true to their album's title. Although the common thread is punk, their styles change so frequently (although tastefully) that they appear to be victims of a mass inspiration, or perhaps they are just trying to avoid being "categorised" for a "system." No one is sure, yet the latter ends up being validated after absorbing their intelligently provocative, fun-poking comments on an array of life's absurdities, including pollution, politics and relationships. Hence, they possess the essence of what is punk music. The performances are stellar and raw, and the production on this album is above average; copious amounts of beefy, medium-rare cooked guitars and a stringy bass guitar massage that is sometimes reminiscent of Korn's sonic palette. And look out for a hidden track that is a nu-metallic-like rendition of Tom Wait's "Earth Died Screaming," a rather appropriate number to support their cause. This trio is a fine addition to a roster of great Canadian punk bands such as DOA, the Dayglos and Gob. (Independent)