Linkin Park Meteora

Meteora is not a second version of their debut, Hybrid Theory, but it does contain a lot of what made it so successful. Vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda still play off each other with their rap and harmonic styles. Drummer Rob Burdon still slams the point into each of these new tracks. But one thing that is playing a more profiled position on Meteora is the sampling. There is a much more electronic vibe on this disc. Each sample has been stretched and squeezed into an unrecognisable version of its original sound. A true example of this new level for the samples is "Nobody’s Listening.” The track, which is anchored by a heavy backbeat, highlights a Japanese flute loop that creates a mysterious quality in the song. The one thing that bothers me about the disc is the quality of the lyrics and rhymes. Other than that, it is a good listen. (Warner)