Link The Four One Six

It’s hard to figure out who Link really is on this album, so let’s assume who his identity doesn’t matter. The persona rapping on The Four One Six is admittedly angry, dangerous, tough, and unintentionally cheesy, mixed up, and seemingly artificial. That’s a mouthful, just like this 19-track album is an earful. Link and the album’s guests represent Scarborough, and over dark hollow production, are in a zone of killing, violent threats, drugs, mental imbalance and more creative violence. This is the majority of the lyrical content, but the rapping lacks confidence so the threats are just there. They don’t jump out and pound you like psycho-flavoured rap threats are meant to. Link’s mental imbalance is the most disturbing thing about the album. On "Even If It Don’t Last,” he reminisces about ex-girlfriends, makes lily-livered promises, and sings his retrospective fondness of them on the hook. It’s completely out of place, creepy as hell, and a bit comical. There are also some hard edged inspirational messages on The Four One Six like "Falling Out,” which are mashed in with the moody tough-guy Scar-business for a confused result. This entire confused album has missed its mark and is not gutter. (Infektious)