L'Infonie Volume 3

Mucho Gusto, in their continued quest to uncover oddities from '60s Quebec lore, have reissued the first album by Montreal psychotic jazz freak outfit L'Infonie, from 1969. The band's absurd mix of insane chanting, free jazz, spoken word, random noise, rock and pop has certain moments of inspiration, like the grooving "Viens Danser Le 'OK La!'," the epic orchestral build of "Finale," the chamber horns of "Angus Dei" and a surprisingly faithful instrumental version of the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home." Each track on the album exists in its own unique space, like an individual experiment the band chose not to revisit. Such is the case with "J'a Perdu 15 cents Dans Le Nez Froid D'Un Ange Bronze," a great psychedelic pop number featuring guitar and analogue electronics that would fit right at home on the next album by the Olivia Tremor Control or Add N To (X). Also included on this CD release are two never issued tracks from a live recording in '69. (Mucho Gusto/Tir Groupe)