The Lines Memory Span

Of all the bands in need of some reissue treatment, the Lines are as deserving a candidate as any. Between 1978 and 1983, the London post-punk outfit released two albums, a handful of singles and an EP, all of which met with mixed reviews, little sales and zero mass appeal. Needless to say, the band broke up, leaving little mark on music at large. Yet sure enough, years later the Lines have attracted a devoted cult following and, as this collection of singles and rarities proves, for good reason. Sounding like some mutant cross between Joy Division, Orange Juice and the Replacements, the Lines show they had a knack for penning rough and tumble pop and, in their late career, even a little dub, although the addictive qualities of their work are not always immediately apparent. Their songs take a little patience and a little work on the part of the listener before they take root but once they do, they repeatedly have you coming back for more and stand amongst post-punk’s best. (Acute)