Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

Due in large part to the massive success of last year’s otherworldly "I Feel Space” single, Lindstrom is one of the most hotly tipped names in dance music right now. Prins Thomas has released a number of singles with Lindstrom and on his own, but has yet to attain any of the same success. Both are touted as the leading lights in a purportedly new "space disco” movement, a sound close to where Metro Area and Gomma’s Headman are already headed, although with a much heavier emphasis on cascading Jean-Michel Jarre synth workouts. When all these pieces fall into place — as they do on "I Feel Space” — the results can be revelatory, a form of stratified trance for the ketamine generation. Sadly, none of this happens on the pair’s debut album. The tracks here are all a bit too laidback, with some falling off the disco chart altogether and into the leftover bin of Kid Loco’s A Grand Love Story. Not a bad attribute necessarily, but the spare nature of the material here leaves a bit too much desired. A few tracks do get going, but they end up being exceptions to the case. It’s all mildly entertaining, but not exemplary.