Lilys Selected

Kurt Heasley's revisioned, '60s-inspired pop outfit, Lilys, present their first studio recording in two years and it's only a five-song EP. Although you might be disappointed by the ambient noodling of "Peerless" and the indie fuzz of "Won't Make You (Sleepy)," there are still two unbelievably brilliant tracks here that you can't live without. A newly recorded rendition of "Any Several Sundays," a popular live track from the band's early '90s performances, takes a Syd Barrett-styled theme and rocks it up with sweet chiming guitars. The second stellar number is the glorious pop perfection of "Touch The Water," co-written with Apples In Stereo alumni Jim McIntyre and Hillary Sydney back in '96, which should have been an American-penned Brit-pop hit both then and now. (File 13)