Lily Frost and Her Kelvinators "Witchdoctor"

Lily Frost and Her Kelvinators 'Witchdoctor'
Lily Frost has announced her next swingin' move will be a monthly singles series with new backup band, the Kelvinators. The refrigeration system-saluting combo are kicking off the new project with a steamy entry they call "Witchdoctor."

Described in a press release as "surf-noir," the single coasts along with twangy six-string lines, slow-simmer snare drum, and Frost's lines directed towards the titular "Witchdoctor." Of the one-night figure, whom she also describes as a her midnight lover, she confesses: "how can I forget when you lit up my life?"

You can hear the tune, which sound something like the jazzy bumpers for Archer, below. The monthly singles series will eventually lead up to an album release through Aporia Records.

Tour dates:

06/17 Peterborough, ON - The Garnet
06/23 Toronto, ON - The Cameron House
06/25 Toronto, ON - Castros Lounge
08/05 Owen Sound - Heartwood Concert Hall
08/13 St. Mary's, ON - River Rock Festival
10/05 Orillia, ON - Orillia Jazz Fest