Lily Allen Says She Is Naming Her New Album 'Sheezus'

Lily Allen Says She Is Naming Her New Album 'Sheezus'
We'll have to wait for a proper album announcement to figure out how serious Lily Allen is about this, but the UK pop star has apparently looked to Kanye West for inspiration by naming her upcoming comeback album Sheezus.

Allen made the reveal on BBC television program The Graham Norton Show [via Glamour], stating that the title of her to-be-detailed third LP is a pun on West's 2013 record Yeezus.

"It's a confident title choice — and a little nod to Kanye West," she said before taking the stage to run through a live performance of her "Air Balloon" single.

The title may make sense when put in context with the recent video for "Hard Out Here", which poked fun at hip-hop with a look at excess and misogyny. Allen did, however, face criticism over the clip, and was accused of racism for the video "elevating Lily Allen's white female body and objectifying and utterly denigrating those of the black female dancers she deliberately surrounds herself with from start to finish." Allen defended herself over Twitter with a statement titled "Privilege, Superiority and Misconceptions," which laid out her intentions behind the video.

While we may or may not have the album title, neither a tracklisting nor a due date has been delivered for the LP, which will be her first since 2009's It's Not Me It's You. Her "L8 CMMR" was recently included on the Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do... Music from the HBO Original Series soundtrack.