Lilium Short Stories

Lilium are two musicians with some soft voices: Pascal Humbert and Jean-Yves Tola, had another band called 16 Horsepower, but they broke up. Broke in two actually. Ex-vocalist David E. Edwards has a solo show called Woven Hand, while Humbert and Tola continue in the folk tradition bands like Calexico helped enhance. Lilium’s albums have, over the past five years, been released in Europe and North America at different times. Short Stories is their second album and though initially released in Europe in 2003, included in this one is a DVD of bonus material. The bonus stuff isn’t overly exciting, but the album stands out on its own anyways. The Short Stories are tales of woe; sombre introspections by various characters, sung to the reply of Lilium’s slow, sparse sound. Old buddy Edwards does make an appearance, but he’s just one of six distinct voices on the album. This is music to dream to, or to cry along to that makes you listen. However, if upbeat is more your style, or you’re susceptible to depression, you might want to pass this one by. If, on the other hand, you’re the sentimental type — one who needs a spoonful of sorrow to help the beauty go down — then give these Short Stories a listen. They’re just what you need. (Smooch)