Lil Wayne x (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Weezy

Lil Wayne x <i>(500) Days of Summer</i> <i>(500) Days of Weezy</i>
We all loved The Grey Album when it came out, and there's no question that Girl Talk has his place in history, but the concept of mash-ups feels so dated at this point that it's hard to take them seriously. That's why it was with great caution that we approached (500) Days of Weezy, a full-length mix that combines Lil Wayne's a cappella tracks with remixed loops from the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack.

 The concept alone belongs on the Things White People Like blog more than our playlists, but hit play on the first track and you'll be hooked. Peppered with soul-baring snippets from Tha Carter Movie, the album successfully humanizes Weezy. It's also a damn fun listen.

(500) Days of Weezy is available for download or stream here.