Lil Wayne Promises Two Albums in 2014

Lil Wayne Promises Two Albums in 2014
Lil Wayne has suggested that the upcoming Tha Carter V might be his last solo album, but now he's evidently changed his mind on this matter, since he's promised to release another full-length soon after it.

In an episode of his "Weezy Wednesday" series, the rapper discussed his imminent plans, saying that he has been extremely prolific during recent sessions. Not only does he have two albums planned for 2014, but even more may follow.

"Honestly, the reason why it became two albums," he said, "because I went to work on Tha Carter V and I don't stop working, so it was like, either Tha Carter V going to be 93 songs or we've got to figure this out. So what we said was, 'All right, we're going to drop two albums this year, and then we're going to probably end up dropping like seven next year. So be looking forward to it, you dig?"

While filming this new clip, Weezy figured out the title of the second album in real time. He said, "I really don't have a name for it. I'll probably just name it The Second Album That I Was Talking About. That's what I'm going to name it. So be looking for C5 and The Second Album That I Was Talking About. Not the 'second.' The Other Album I Was Talking About. Yeah. The Other Album. TOE. That's the name of the album right there, in your face. Two albums this year — C5 and The Other Album."

Assuming that he's serious about the title, we can look for The Other Album to arrive before the year is done. Watch the clip below.

Then again, Lil Wayne is notorious for delaying his albums. Fans may remember that Tha Carter V had been slated to come out on May 5, but that date came and went and the album still isn't here.