Lil Wayne Facing Yet Another Lawsuit over Unpaid Royalties

Lil Wayne Facing Yet Another Lawsuit over Unpaid Royalties
Last month, rap producer Jim Jonsin launched a $500,000 lawsuit against Lil Wayne due to unpaid royalties for his work on "Lollipop." Apparently, that isn't the only single from Tha Carter III that has yet to be paid for. Super-producer Bangladesh recently revealed that he has yet to see any compensation for the enormous smash hit "A Milli."

In a recent interview with Vibe, a reporter asked the producer if fans could expect to hear from him on Lil Wayne's upcoming Carter IV. Here is Bangladesh's response: "I don't fuck with [Lil Wayne]... and you can print that. Cash Money don't pay royalties. The Carter III, [is] his biggest album probably because of 'A Milli.' [But] you have to sue these guys so that they pay up."

Bangladesh, whose birth name is Shondrae Crawford, went on to say that he too is pinning a $500,000 lawsuit on Cash Money Records. "I don't really give a fuck about [Wayne]. I can't give a fuck about somebody that don't give a fuck about my situation, I have kids," he explained. "In the hood, people get killed for $10. I couldn't imagine owing someone hundreds of thousands of dollars and just walking around in front of them. I'm so confident in myself, that I don't need Lil Wayne. There's gonna be so many opportunities. I can create a Lil Wayne."

And the vitriol didn't end there, as the producer pinned all of the blame on Cash Money's oil tycoon of a CEO, Bryan "Baby" Williams.

"It's not even Wayne's fault. Wayne is not getting money," Bangladesh said. "He is given money, he's not getting money. If Baby gets a million dollars he'll buy Wayne a Phantom, but that's in Cash Money's name. That 14-bedroom mansion isn't Wayne shit. That's why he have his own company, because he was trying to leave Cash Money and the only thing that would keep him there was [if they] gave him his own thing. But Baby still controls that. All those Young Money artists don't even know that they not getting royalty money."