Lil Wayne "We Back Soon"

Lil Wayne 'We Back Soon'
While it's unclear where this track came from or where it belongs, Lil Wayne has sprouted a leak, in the form of "We Back Soon." Based on the title and the track's lack of originality, this was likely banged out in the studio before the rapper took up his year-long residency in the big house.

Unlike the floor-rattling fun of Weezy's Carter IV single, "6'7", "We Back Soon" feels like an unfinished idea that hasn't seen the light of day for good reason. Backed with an endlessly mediocre beat, the track sees Wayne in full autopilot mode, rattling off half-assed lyrics that lack his usual penchant for non-sequitur wit.

 Still, while we wait indefinitely for more Lil Wayne, we may as well embrace "We Back Soon." In the end, it will only make Tha Carter IV sound that much better.

Download "We Back Soon" here or stream the track below courtesy of 2dopeboyz.