Lil Wayne Tha Carter III

Tha Carter III had "hit or miss” pressure, yet Lil Wayne took it all in stride, claiming he was the best rapper alive. After killing the mixtape circuit for the last while, he’s released an album with A-list features and production that lives up to the hype. If you can handle the surprise of his style, lazy flow and imagination, the rest of the listening is easy. "Tie My Hands,” featuring Robin Thicke, is that standout song on the album and "A Milli” will be played in clubs forever. The Jay-Z-lured "Mr. Carter” and "Get Money” also have an anthem-feel, and "Dr. Doctor” features hilarious insight into hip-hop culture. Tha Carter III definitely works in Lil Wayne’s favour, supporting his "best rapper” claim and showing his diversity and charisma, but maybe that’s just because no one can understand what he’s actually saying. (Cash Money)