Lil Wayne "Green & Yellow"

Lil Wayne 'Green & Yellow'
Pittsburgh Steelers fans have been repping Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" pretty hard lately. The Terrible Towel toters have been bangin' that beat while wearing their team's colours -- just guess what they are -- with hopes that their boys will beat the Green Bay Packers at the Super Bowl this Sunday (February 6).

It seems as if the tune has taken a turn for the other team though, with hip-hop allstar Lil Wayne straight flipping the hook to pump the Packers on his "Green & Yellow."

"This ain't a diss song, I just love my team," Wayne raps diplomatically on the cut, admitting that despite being from New Orleans, he's a Cheese Head at heart. Regardless of his good intentions, the spitter still slings mud at Pittsburgh's safety Troy Polamalu, threatening to chop off his iconic frizz fro.

It's a good bit of fun to fuel this weekend's duel in Dallas.

You can download the song here.

Thanks to 2 Dope Boyz for the tip.