​Lil Nas X Gets Country Music Award Nomination

But only one
​Lil Nas X Gets Country Music Award Nomination
Lil Nas X crossed genres and confused a lot of old white guys with his ubiquitous hit "Old Town Road" this year, and in the end, he's received a single nomination at the Country Music Awards.
The only award he's up for is Musical Event of the Year. The song may be an event in its own right, but you'd think sitting atop the Billboard charts for a record breaking number of weeks might lead to a couple of, you know, song-related awards.
Nevertheless, the solitary nod also garners CMA nominations for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The track features a sample of Nine Inch Nails song "34 Ghosts IV," and as such, the pair get producer credits on the song. Producer YoungKio was also included on the list of "Old Town Road" nominees.
American country music may not be quite ready to fully embrace Lil Nas X, but you can see the list of artists that were deemed worthy of nominations here.
Earlier this year, the genre of the song was called into question, with Billboard ultimately deciding that "Old Town Road" wasn't country enough to be included on the country charts.
The country/rap crossover may not be taking home too many trophies at the CMAs on November 13, but Lil Nas X did nab a Video Music Award earlier this week for Song of the Year.