Lil B Talks NBA Dreams and Kevin Durant Beef, Teases 'Hoop Life' Mixtape

Lil B Talks NBA Dreams and Kevin Durant Beef, Teases 'Hoop Life' Mixtape
Rap hero Lil B has love for all of the human beings and animals in the world, a fact that he makes clear on his various social media sites. Still, even when there's that much love in your heart, some beef can seep in. As such, the Based God has a longstanding feud with NBA star Kevin Durant.

The feud, which dates back to 2011 when Durant threw some shade B's way on Twitter, has continued for the past three years. Lil B put "the Basedgod's Curse" on Durant, which he graciously lifted later on. Then, last weekend, Lil B dropped his "Fuck KD" song and video, a Kevin Durant diss track that will appear on his upcoming Hoop Life mixtape.

Yesterday (March 12), Lil B was kind enough to treat basketball site SB Nation to an interview, where he opened up about the beef.

Of the song, which lifts the beat from DJ Khaled's "Brown Paper Bag," the Based God said, "I just heard the beat and it came so natural. It was just something that was very easy for me. It was just so real. It was beautiful."

It also made him think of Kevin Durant instantly. "It was just something that I just heard the beat and I just said, 'It's time to get after Kevin Durant real fast.' Because that hoop life is coming. Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant was thinking about me. I wasn't thinking about Kevin. That's the whole thing about it. I was minding my business. Everybody else was talking about Kevin."

Further, Lil B continued his open call to Durant — challenge the rapper to a game of 1-on-1 basketball. "I was just talking about it in my song, the gym that I play at, people talk about me. I'm getting a lot of support. I'm just feeling more confident in my game in general and I really do think that I can beat Kevin Durant."

He continued, "I honestly know I will score on Durant and it'll be a problem. I know truly in my heart that's why he doesn't want to play me. I'm pretty much more ready for Kevin Durant than I've ever been. If he really loves the game, play me. If you really love basketball, Kevin Durant, play me. Kevin Durant knows I'm an American superstar, that I'm one of the most powerful and respected people in America. He plays American ball, so he knows what I do, he sees me. I more than deserve that game, that's just him being scared."

Lil B's hoop dreams don't end there, however. The rapper insists that he's going to play 100 basketball games this summer in various leagues, achieve millions of views on YouTube, and eventually make the NBA. "I've gotta make the NBA. I've got to," he said. "It's all up to God, baby. He'll let the story unfold. I just want to tell people to never quit, and keep fighting for your dreams. If you want to make the NBA, and this is coming from Lil B, keep living your dreams."

For now, Lil B continues to promote his upcoming Hoop Life mixtape. The release doesn't have a set release date just yet, but he has leaked a pair of new tracks. Check out the Soulja Boy collaboration "Make It Work" and the song "NBA Stole My Swag" below.