Lil B Partners with Vegan Food Company for New Emoji App

Lil B Partners with Vegan Food Company for New Emoji App
Lil B already has his own emoji app, but he just got another one, this time with a special focus on the ethical treatment of animals. He has teamed with the vegan food company Follow Your Heart to launch a new emoji collection.

The free app is called vegEMOJI, and it has lots of images to appeal to those who enjoy a plant-Based diet. These include jars of Veganaise (a dairy-free mayo alternative), no-GMO symbols, and slogans like "cool people are kind to animals."

A description on iTunes reads, "Use VegEmoji to share fun, positive characters with your friends and family! Follow Your Heart and Lil B created VegEmoji to spread positivity, sustainability, and a healthy, plant-based lifestyle with the world! You can also find stores in your neighborhood that carry Follow Your Heart's fresh plant-based foods. Just click and send — Follow Your Heart!!!"

Follow Your Heart's director of accounting Matt Dunaj told Fader, "This is Lil B's first brand partnership, and Follow Your Heart's first foray into the world of technology and music, and it couldn't be a better fit."

The app is available here.

Back in December, Lil B went on a Facebook rant — one that apparently got him blocked from the social media site — in which he wrote, "THERE ARE ANIMALS WHO ARE RAPED AND KILLED BY HUMANS EVERYDAY SO YOU CAN EAT THAT FOOD YOU ARE UNITED WITH, ONE DAY A VEGAN JOURNEY."

Somebody get this man a PETA campaign!