Lil B on Jay Electronica Collaboration: "It Will Be Historical"

Lil B on Jay Electronica Collaboration: 'It Will Be Historical'
Hard-working and possibly insane Bay Area rapper Lil B continues to bring a smile to our faces with his endless stream of out-there hip-hop, most recently with the music video for his track "Justin Bieber." Last month, B confirmed that he's working on an EP with the equally interesting Jay Electronica , and now he's opened up a little more about how the release will sound.

"If you listen to Jay Electronica's first mixtape that he had 'Exhibit C' on, and if you really listen to him, there's a lot of stuff that I feel in my heart are similarities," the Based God told MTV News. "You know, like, subject matter. It's another level that we're in tune on, because we're here for the positivity and to make a change."

While he didn't offer much by way of a theme or sound for the record, B did use the opportunity for his trademark hyperbole. "This project with Jay is gonna be very spiritual, very uplifting, very deep," he said. "It will be historical."

Exactly where this release fits in with B's upcoming I'm Gay album and the millions of other projects he's surely working on is yet to be seen. Either way, the Jay Electronica collaboration can be added to the long list of upcoming B projects we're super excited about.

Footage of Lil B talking about the release can be viewed below.