Lil B and Lil Wayne Collaborating on New Track

Lil B and Lil Wayne Collaborating on New Track
Considering his ridiculously prolific output, hearing about another Lil B track isn't exactly as newsworthy as it once was. We're going to cut the Based God some slack this time, though, as he's just announced a whopper of a collab. B has hit up his Twitter account with news that he's teaming up with Lil Wayne.

"studio with @liltunechi lastnight was amazing we got something 4 yall, check me out Lil Wayne Feat Lil B ON HIS NEW MIXTAPE SWAG - Lil B," the jumbled-up message reads.

No word on what the song is called, nor when Wayne's next mixtape comes out, but hopefully we'll find out who's the swaggest of the two? Our money's on B, but we will have to wait and see.

Still no firm date on B's upcoming, somewhat controversially titled I'm Gay. As for Weezy, dude enjoyed the hell out of the NBA finals, partying with championship winners the Dallas Mavericks and even holding their trophy for a bit. Swag, indeed.

UPDATE: The collaborative track will appear on Lil Wayne's upcoming mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait. Unfortunately, it's still unclear when it will be released.

Thanks to Complex for the tip.