Lil B Drops Surprise Release of 'I'm Gay'

Lil B Drops Surprise Release of 'I'm Gay'
Endlessly bizarre Californian rapper Lil B ruffled feathers across the world when he revealed that his next album would be called I'm Gay. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation even stepped in, offering their two cents on the matter. Now that the controversy has passed, Lil B just took us all by surprise and uploaded the album to iTunes late last night (June 29).

I'm Gay, which has the cop-out subtitle (I'm Happy), is one of the best records from the Based God we've ever heard. Not only does B sound more like a legitimate rapper and less like a blog punchline, but the clean, creative production makes for a satisfying listen all the way through. Bonus points for that witch house-sounding Goo Goo Dolls sample on "I Hate Myself."

I'm Gay can be downloaded on iTunes here for a mere $9.99. The tracklisting is available below, along with a stream of album opener "Trapped In Prison."

I'm Gay:

1. "Trapped In Prison"
2. "Open Thunder Eternal Slumber"
3. "Game"
4. "Unchain Me"
5. "Neva Stop Me"
6. "Gob Be Okay"
7. "The Wilderness"
8. "I Hate Myself"
9. "Get It While Its Good"
10. "I Seen That Light"
11. "My Last Chance"
12. "1 Time Remix"