Lil B "Slangin Yayo" (ft. Salem) / Red Flame Evil Edition Mixtape

Lil B 'Slangin Yayo' (ft. Salem) / <i>Red Flame Evil Edition</i> Mixtape
Ridiculously prolific rap weirdo Lil B just released his fucked-up Red Flame mixtape earlier this month, and he's already dropped another version/follow-up with the Red Flame Evil Edition. Of course, if you want evil beats these days, there's no better place than the witch house movement, so B dropped some verses overtop of a Salem track.

The result is creepy rap perfection, making American Thanksgiving feel like Halloween. Lil B's half-sensical rapping sounds like it was made to top Salem's creeping synths. Honestly, this has us wishing they would team up for a proper album.

"Slangin Yayo" can be streamed below, while the 31-track Red Flame Evil Edition can be downloaded here.