Lil B Illusions of Grandeur

Lil B <i>Illusions of Grandeur</i>
As it turns out, the top-notch Lil B track "Base for Your Face" was actually part of a new mixtape that the Based God dropped today (March 11) through XXL. Aside from the mix's bat-shit crazy album art (see above), Illusions of Grandeur is another excellent B release.

 Musically, Illusions boasts 13 tracks, including a slowed remix of the title track. In the opening track, Lil B promises that this is "the most prolific mixtape to ever come out in hip-hop." While the legitimacy of that statement is certainly debatable, there's no question that B is still on top of his game after all these tracks.

Download Illusions of Grandeur here courtesy of XXL. The MP3s aren't tagged in their correct order, so use the tracklisting below as a guide.

Illusions of Grandeur:

1. "Illusions of Grandeur"
2. "Live From Da Hood"
3. "Angels Prayer"
4. "What It Feel Like"
5. "Who You Love"
6. "How I Feel"
7. "No Peace"
8. "No Pressure"
9. "Hood Changed"
10. "Illusions of Grandeur Remix"
11. "Based 4 Ya Face"
12. "Cocaine Killer"
13. "Baby Baby"