Like Young Looked Up Plus Four

After Wolfie accepted its fate as a sugary guitar pop band that was never going anywhere, core members and married couple Amanda and Joe Ziemba decided to go on their own as the Like Young. Following in the footsteps of recent hot duos the Kills and the White Stripes, Like Young keep it simple, but without any of the blues. Instead, they take some monstrous riffs and cover them in a candy coating for catchy, ear-friendly power pop. Resembling former East Coast power trio/duo the Hardship Post (whom the Ziembas consider an influence), "Looked Up” and its four B-sides are all tight-knit, cheerful tunes that make Weezer seem depressing. A full-length will follow soon, but this taster has that everlasting gobstopper feeling to it to tide any fan over until the album hits. (Kittridge)