Like Pacific

Like Pacific
Toronto outfit Like Pacific's third EP is their first as a part of the New Damage/Pure Noise rosters. Pure Noise in particular is a suitable home for their sound, amongst bands they admire, whose fans are likely to be won over by the band's brand of pop-punk, which is highly emotive, polished and more paced than their previous releases. They keep things melodic and catchy foremost, but with some more aggressive elements, like their vocals.

The songs are consistently tight, from the brief burst that is "Sigh of Relief" to the most energetic "105 McCaul St." with its skilled drum rolls that remind the listener of what bands like this do best: bang it out. "Eviction" has radio potential, with its rising and falling expressiveness and sing-song chorus.

The issue is there isn't a lot to differentiate Like Pacific from their peers, but this has less to do with any fault of their own abilities, and more to do with the limitations of the sound/genre itself. (New Damage/Pure Noise)
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