Lightning Swords Of Death The Extra Dimensional Wound

The lead track on Lightning Swords of Death's second full-length, and Metal Blade debut, is proof that these guys made the right choice in moving over to a home with the means of backing their apocalyptic, old school, Gothenburg-influenced black metal. We can finally hear what's going on thanks to bona fide production that pulls out any sort of bass guitar, let alone the other instruments' dynamic abilities. Moreover, utilizing that aspect to its fullest without altering their overall aesthetic, The Extra Dimensional Wound manages to convey the band's haunting, cavernous atmosphere and propel it with some pretty rabid tunes reminiscent of Death Breath/Entombed having one hell of a battle with Bathory and Mayhem in some Norse funeral pyre. Lightning Swords of Death experience a major step up with The Extra Dimensional Wound, one that not only benefits their general sound and attack, but finally supports the impeccable girth and songwriting they've always maintained but never gave enough of a shit to properly document. No, it's not their absolute best, as few riffs truly impregnate the subconscious, but in terms of sheer listenability and the whole over parts, The Extra Dimensional Wound proves there's something behind Lightning Swords Of Death other than endless static. (Metal Blade)