Lightning Seeds Tilt

Originally conceived as a one-off experiment for respected longtime producer Ian Broudie, his expertise in the studio and sugary voice made for easy hit-making, so Lightning Seeds took on a life of its own. Ten years later, we now have his fifth effort, and the magic is still there. Broudie has an uncanny flair for pure pop, and Tilt is no exception. He seems to be trying to attract a younger audience with the club-anthem sound of the “Life’s Too Short” single, which sounds a bit campy, but it’s forgivable. For the most part, he sticks to his guns, and delivers wonderful gems like “All The Things” or “If Only”, which demonstrate the classic Lightning Seeds ability to pull the right pop strings, creating a happy, summery, and non-threatening music experience. Broudie is perfectly aware of the disposable nature of pop music, and he knows not to take himself too seriously. He knows how to please a pop audience, and Tilt continues the saga brilliantly. (Epic)