Lightning Dust Reveal Infinite Light Details

Lightning Dust Reveal <i>Infinite Light</i> Details
Black Mountain's Amber Webber and Joshua Wells have finally revealed all the details of their upcoming new album as Lightning Dust, the Vancouver duo's sadder, sparser, less Sabbath-oriented project. We now know this follow-up to 2007's self-titled effort will be dubbed Infinite Light, come out on August 4 via Jagjaguwar, have the above image serving as the album art and boast a ten-song tracklisting.

Thanks to the press release, there are a few more worthwhile points about the album that we should draw your attention to as well. Apparently, the new record is "more layered and lush than previous efforts." Musical theatre is an influence on the album. And Infinite Light is supposedly "a nod to 'the light of inspiration' that inspires us to keep dancing, creating and loving in spite of an encroaching darkness."

To get a sampling of all this, over here you can currently download the new track "I Knew," which is apparently a shining example of the fuller Lightning Dust sound of Infinite Light.

Here are the tracks you can look forward to on the album:

1. "Antonia Jane"

2. "I Knew"

3. "Dreamer"

4. "The Times"

5. "Never Seen"

6. "History"

7. "Honest Man"

8. "Waiting on the Sun to Rise"

9. "Wondering What Everyone Knows"

10. "Taking It Home"