Light Yourself On Fire Intimacy

Light Yourself On Fire believe Intimacy is influenced by early ’90s hardcore. The early ’90s had nothing with this kind of power or the sinister, confrontational aggression these six songs boast. Intimacy reaches further back than that. Churning out bouts of upheaval culled just as much from death metal as, say, Sick Of It All, the resulting grungy, Napalm Death-ish distortion and Obituary-bred, grumbling vocals offset by grinding mid-tempo beats and even weightier breakdowns ensure this sophomore release is deeper than even the band comprehend. Even the Butthole Surfers-esque, sample-heavy instrumental loll of "Montag” manages to inspire. Maddeningly fleeting at its expedient 17 minutes, yet still ample enough to establish Light Yourself On Fire as innovative and dominant, Intimacy is a pleasurable piece of aural defilement. (Seventh Rule)