Light Pupil Dilate Snake Wine

Light Pupil Dilate are clearly trying their hardest to present a genre fusion that doesn’t conform to the usual death/mosh/spazz/etc. framework and musically, it pays off. Barring a few sloppy transitions, this Atlanta three-piece are a rather unique and compelling entity. Imagine a combination of Temple of the Morning Star-era Today is the Day, a more schizophrenic Mastodon or Tool and a touch of DC emo (i.e., Rites of Spring and Fugazi) and one might be on the right track. The problem lies almost exclusively with the vocals. While offbeat and unexpected considering the group’s sound, the At the Drive-In-esque, highly stylised clean vocals end up annoying more than invigorating. The result is an effort with high ambitions that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Future releases may see Light Pupil Dilate develop into a formidable act but for now it’s back to the drawing board. (Lifeforce)