Light in the Attic Unearths Rare 1974 Folk Album by Goldberg

Light in the Attic Unearths Rare 1974 Folk Album by Goldberg
Seattle label Light in the Attic is known for striking gold with its obscure reissues, most notably bringing Rodriguez and Lewis to the masses. Now the company has unveiled its latest reissue: Goldberg's 1974 folk album Misty Flats.

The album was made when songwriter Barry Thomas Goldberg was 23, following the breakup of his Minneapolis power-pop group the Batch. He made it just two days, recording in mono on a two-track tape machine. He was accompanied by his friend Michael Yonkers, and a press release calls it "an album of ecstatic desolation, an unhinged loner-folk gem."

Goldberg said in a statement, "In 1974, the world was weary, the Vietnam War was ending, America was at this place where it didn't know where it was heading, it was the fumes of Watergate days. I'd just left my band, and I didn't know where I was heading either. And that's what Misty Flats represents: neither high road nor low, but somewhere in between."

Scroll past the tracklist below to stream the opening cut, "Hollywood."

Misty Flats was originally released in a run of 500. This reissue marks the first time it has come to deluxe vinyl, CD and digital formats. It's out on July 24 and can be pre-ordered here.

If this album finds a following, there could be a chance of further reissues, since an announcement notes that a 24-track rock album titled Winter Summer was recorded soon after Misty Flats but was never released. Goldberg has also made many more albums over the years; his discography can be seen here.

Misty Flats:

1. Hollywood

2. Stars in the Sand

3. Never Came to Stay

4. Golden Sun

5. Cry a Little Bit

6. Misty Flats

7. China Doll

8. Pop and Ice

9. Magic Cloud

10. City Rain

11. Never Stop Dreaming