Light Fires

Metropolis, Montreal QC, September 21

Light FiresMetropolis, Montreal QC, September 21
Photo: Steve Louie
While Gentleman Reg has been on an indefinite vacation, the flirty, synth pop party girl known as Regina The Gentlelady has been making waves with her anthemic sounds and sassy stage antics in the form of Light Fires. Fans got a chance to experience the queen diva herself in top form, as she sashayed on stage in a flowing leopard-print top, high heels and some revealing daisy dukes. Her set began with some sultry vocal runs that coursed through the entire venue.

Immediately afterwards, Regina greeted the crowd and kicked her performance into high gear, delivering synth pop bangers and killer choreography that left the room mesmerized by her larger than life stage presence. "I Like To Work" found the hip-shaking powerhouse in her element, working every part of the stage she could, as the crowd cheered wildly at her high jump kicks and fierce voguing. The highlight of her bubbly performance came at the end when Light Fires threw down a sassy little freestyle for the crowd, which lead to Regina's dramatic finale and an ovation fit for a queen.
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