Liferuiner Taking Back the Night Life

They’ve been in the news, they’ve been at our shows, they’ve been loved and hated and rightfully so. Liferuiner, or Liferuinher (we’ll leave that to you and your pals to argue over) are a hardcore tidal wave of assault, like it or not. Taking Back the Night Life will primarily appeal to people who are already fans of the band, although their press release foolishly begs to differ. Diversity is stagnant here, only truly attempted in pointless samples and disorganised vocal layering, alongside a few songs that don’t smother the listener with straightedge values for once. However, what the album lacks in innovation it might compensate for with steady rhythms, heavy bass, breakdowns and angst thick enough to cut. While I wouldn’t necessarily put this disc in the microwave to watch it spark, I wouldn’t plaque it or even listen to it ever again either. (Uprising)