Life Chain

Halifax North Memorial Library, Halifax NS, May 22

Life ChainHalifax North Memorial Library, Halifax NS, May 22
Photo: Eric Hill
If not for the slight mitigating effect of throbbing fluorescent lights overhead, Halifax hardcore quartet Life Chain's menace would have been absolute. Taking a crusty approach and beating it black and blue, the band's wall of sound and tightly closed eyes blocked out the surrealism of playing in a brightly lit public library amongst children's books and powered down computers.
Overdriven amplifiers sizzled and there was a smell/taste of melting plastic as they tore through a seamless opening 1-2-3 track chunk, echo-effected banshee vocals slicing through the noise. Only in the slight pause to reload and hydrate for the next attack did anyone realize the front-of-house reggae music was still chugging underneath the din. I don't think my ears have ever rung so badly in a library before. 
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