Liechtenstein Survival Strategies in a Modern World

The rebirth of Slumberland Records has not only given the label a new lease on life and brought back memories of C86 but it's also given lovers of indie pop more than they ever expected. Following the remarkable popularity of the Pains of Being Pure At Heart, the label has discovered Swedish all-girl troupe Liechenstein, who more than any current act on the roster evokes the indie scene of the late '80s. In fact, their debut album, Survival Strategies in a Modern World, may rely a little too much on bestowing nostalgia. With songs that are as twee as Talulah Gosh, as dreamy as the Shop Assistants and as dark as Slant 6, there isn't much to Liechtenstein to suggest they're anything more than a tribute act. Regardless of their identity crisis, their shtick isn't without its charm; "Roses in the Park" has a fuzzier, garage bend and "Sophistication" blends spaghetti western spooks with Young Marble Giants minimalism. Overall it will disappoint those looking for a Pains-ful spin on indie pop, but Liechenstein's throwback sound has enough going for it to give them the cult audience they desire. (Slumberland)