Lido Pimienta to Perform "Live Graphic Novel" at Toronto's Caminos Festival

Lido Pimienta to Perform "Live Graphic Novel" at Toronto's Caminos Festival
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Multidisciplinary artist Lido Pimienta's musical star is on the rise after winning this year's Polaris Music Prize for her 2016 album La Papessa, but next month, Torontonians will get to see her show off a different set of talents.
On October 6, Pimienta will perform an original piece titled We're in a Non-Relationship Relationship as part of Toronto's Caminos Festival. Billed as a "live graphic novel," the piece was written by Pimienta herself and directed by Gein Wong.
An excerpt from the festival guide's description of the show reads:
I can cope with rejection. I am an independent woman, I need my space, I need more time for myself, you know what I mean? Like I feel as though life has something in store for me, something bigger than myself, I can reach so high and far you know?

Below, see a couple visual teasers for Pimienta's upcoming performance.


Caminos highlights works-in-progress by local Pan-American, Indigenous and Latinx artists that span the disciplines of theatre, dance, performance art, music, visual arts, installation and film.

This year's lineup also includes pieces by Beatriz Pizano, Augusto Bitter, Jiv Parasram, Monica Garrido, Victoria Mata, charles c. smith, Martha Chaves, Leslie Baker, Emma Tibaldo, Joseph Shragge and many more, plus nightly cabarets following the staged performances.
It runs from October 4 to 8 at Aki Studio and Ada Slaight Hall in the Daniels Spectrum building (585 Dundas St. E). For a full schedule and ticket information visit the official Caminos 2017 website.