Library Voices Offshoot Youth Trend Report Reveal 'Life Coach' LP, Share "Tupac Chopra"

Library Voices Offshoot Youth Trend Report Reveal 'Life Coach' LP, Share 'Tupac Chopra'
Saskatchewan indie rock troupe Library Voices just delivered their latest LP Lovish this fall, but the band members have been keeping busy with a multitude of musical side-projects. Drummer Mike Thievin recently introduced us to Radville, and now, Michael Dawson has reincarnated himself as part of Youth Trend Report.
The new outfit finds Dawson experimenting with minimalistic electronic sound, coming to you straight out of "the middle of nowhere," and the group will be releasing their debut LP Life Coach on December 25 through Prairie Shag Recordings.
According to a press release, the album hears Dawson and co. dissecting and misappropriating "classic hip-hop beats over wandering loops and vacant melodies." Field recordings collected from everywhere from Germany to Texas and snippets of "1950s housewives experimenting with LSD" add some extra sonic weirdness to the mix.
It's not an album tailored to a hard-partying Monster Energy-endorsed EDM crowd, but rather one that might make listeners want to "take a walk and clear your head."
The first sampling of the new album arrives as a track that is amazingly titled "Tupac Chopra." It's a spacey, synthed-out, bass drop-free affair, and you can hear it for yourself below. Scroll past the record's tracklisting to give it a listen.
Life Coach:
1. Life Coach
2. Tupac Chopra
3. Sex, Drugs, & Post-Protopunk Minimalism
4. Bad Vibrations
5. Fairfield Porter, Young Man, 1968
6. The House Of Rain Or Shine
7. She Talks In Technicolor
8. Faith Healer / Rat Park
9. Support Group