Library Voices 'For John' (EP stream)

Library Voices'For John' (EP stream)
Prairie rock eccentrics Library Voices are playing tribute to their late friend John Farrell with their latest EP, For John. It will be out on June 10 through their own Prairie Shag Recordings, but lucky for you, it's available to stream early on

This is a departure from the bright, clean pop sound we're used to hearing from the collective, since opener "Some Mezcal Morning" begins the collection with a slow-moving psych blues groove. Elsewhere, "Space Age" is hard-charging surf-rock number, "Antimatters of the Heart" and "John Farrell Buffalo" are effects-soaked adaptations of heartland rock, "Snowshoe Training Might Save Your Life" is a noise-soaked instrumental, and "Use Your Allusion I & II" and "Windsor Hum" close the EP with garage-brewed punchiness.

In other words, the band cover a lot of ground in seven songs. It was produced by Library Voices, along with Orion Paridis. Hear it below.

As previously reported, Library Voices are taking their new material on tour this summer, and you can see all their upcoming dates here.