Liam Titcomb Can't Let Go

Liam Titcomb’s sophomore release, Can’t Let Go, is an album you’ll either swear you’ve heard before, or that Tom Cochrane and John Mellencamp had a hand in its making. Right off the bat you’ll notice the record’s heavy rock sound carefully infused with folk sensibilities, a trademark blending of genres that provides the record with an early ’90s nostalgic feel and pedal-to-the-metal momentum. "See Rock City” features the Torontonian unleashing his deep, grungy vocals with a few high falsetto notes, contrasting beautifully with the distorted clanging of drums and the subtle electronic undertones. "Take The Wheel” and "It’s You,” however, showcase Titcomb’s low-key pop attitude, as well as his astounding vocal capabilities. Can’t Let Go is, without a doubt, a very elevated, go-get-’em disc. If you’re into the energetic and elevated side of folk rock, Titcomb’s latest will most likely end up being your new road trip companion. (Double Dorje)