Liam Lynch Fake Songs

The title of Liam Lynch's new disc may read like a joke, but on a deeper level, it's actually an allegory of the derivation of music and how, with the art form's vast pool of reference, originality is an unobtainable objective. Fuck that. This is a bunch of bubbly homages to Lynch’s musical heroes and clips from his self-produced studio playtime: literally, fake songs. The satirical "caricature songs" of Björk, Bowie, the Pixies, Depeche Mode and the Talking Heads are said to be compliments, but come off sounding more like goofy jabs, which is a good thing. Lynch, the man behind the music on Teletoon's hilarious Clone High, manages to convey a giddy sense of fun throughout, even during his eerie (but admirable) mimicry of Björk. However, Lynch seems to be at his best and most brisk when joined in the studio by pals Ringo Starr and Jack Black (whose Tenacious D video, "Tribute," Lynch directed). Not particularly funny, but decent fun. Plus, the accompanying DVD of home videos and computer-generated comedy may be utterly annoying, but it does make a lovely coaster. (EMI)