Liam Gallagher "For What It's Worth"

Liam Gallagher 'For What It's Worth'
Following his trip to Montreal last weekend, Liam Gallagher teased another cut off his forthcoming solo debut As You Were with an a cappella version of "For What It's Worth." Now, the full studio rendition of that track is available to stream.
Gallagher's vocals are backed by strums of both acoustic and electric guitar and a steady backbeat.

The former Oasis singer recently opened up about the meaning of the song to Noisey, explaining: "Obviously I've made a lot of mistakes. That's life. I guess it is an apology to whoever. I've pissed a lot of people off. But I'm certainly not gonna write a song for each and every one of them. There's one there. Fuckin' deal with it and move on."
Turns out Gallagher is exactly as eloquent at spoken apologies as you'd expect. Listen to his slightly more graceful apology in the form of "For What It's Worth" below.

UPDATE (8/10, 12:00 p.m. EDT): The track has now been paired with an accompanying lyric video. Check that out below, as well.
As You Were is due out October 6 via Warner Bros.