Lex Talionis The Supreme Aggression

Now this is just out of control. With all the obscenity of Mortician’s drum machine, the Great Kat’s histrionics and talent, and the Dillinger Escape Plan’s penchant for mind-bending, this quartet of not-quite-sane young men from France have put together 32 minutes of some of the most extreme death/grind around for The Supreme Aggression. Is it enjoyable? In theory, but after about ten minutes, it begins to stress out the listener. So, hell, it’s barely listenable, but it’s totally perfect as well. And yes that is a drum machine, clearly set to top speed but still programmed nicely with lots of manic fills thrown in the mix. The songs are somewhere between grind and death, every once in a while even throwing in a catchy chorus (see "Soul Mirror”), but for the most part just trying to be as technical as humanly (and inhumanly, as far as the drums go) possible. You know it’s getting pretty far out there when the rhythm guitarist is also credited with "prog solos & choirs.” One of those bands that just make you think music cannot get any heavier, Lex Talionis are definitely not for everyone; but if extremity is what you’re after, this is one disc to look out for. (Deadsun)