Lewis Taylor Lewis II

His is a tale worthy of an epic novel: a young guitarist, singer, producer and writer finds the likes of David Bowie and Paul Weller seeking his services. The early promises of fame and fortune are squandered, however, and he ends up as a portrait of the artist as a young greengrocer. Taylor has clawed his way back to the world of the musical boy-wonders with Lewis II, a sort of '80s version of Phil Spector`s wall of sound as recorded with 2000 technology. This is essentially an R&B CD, but for the fact that the singer is a young white and British version of Marvin Gaye. The sound is about as dense as is humanly possible and, in fact, Taylor has been criticised in some quarters for using ten overdubs when one would have sufficed, but that's what happens when you play all the instruments. Still, there's no denying the appeal of "Party," "The Way You Done Me" and "Never Be My Woman." (Island)