Letters Letters Letters Letters

Stepping away from the folk-infused sounds of Avia Gardner, the Montreal-based duo consisting of singer Jenna Robertson and producer Mitchell Akiyama have joined with producer/singer Tony Boggs for the creation of Letters Letters. Using broken sounds, disconnected drum machines and an arsenal of subdued synthesisers, the trio have created something utterly different from that of previous work. Though the self-titled debut from Letters Letters drifts from the linear, at times delving into myriad ill-arranged, nail biting synth binges, the overall essence of the music is able to overcome this pitfall. Nearly three minutes into "Everyone’s Afraid of Fear,” after quite the instrumental interlude, breathy, sublime vocals kick in, adding texture to an already rich song. And, come on, any song that discusses the unicorn scene in Blade Runner better be damn good — and it is. Letters Letters are DIY, basement recording studio music for those of us who lack the talent to go out and actually make it ourselves. (Type)