Lesbians On Ecstasy We Know You Know

The electro-clash punk tendencies of their self-titled debut carried Lesbians on Ecstasy through the scepticism of being a niche artist on the basis of a gritty sound combined with danceable beats. We Know You Know continues the satirically sparring lyrics amidst a confusion of sounds from the unintelligible "We Won’t Give It Back” to the excessively poppy "Mortified.” The latter surely parodies itself by making a joke of the antagonising lyrics via a pointless campfire sing-song. The oft-used weak-sounding mono-synth, as featured on "Party Time,” only shows such intentions for half of that track, as it plods along with little encouragement to party for the remainder. The unexpectedly glitch-y "Victoria’s Secret” is a detached source of enjoyment, while "Sisters In A Struggle,” "Alone In Madness” and "It’s Practically Freedom” provide fine examples of the quality of the work the group are capable of. Sadly, there are a handful of poorly constructed and misguided tracks where even the conviction of their words and spirit cannot compensate sufficiently. (Alien8)