Les Vampyrettes "Witches Multiplication Table"

Les Vampyrettes 'Witches Multiplication Table'
As Krautrock aficionados may remember, Les Vampyrettes was a short-lived collaboration launched in the early '80s between Can hero Holger Czukay and renowned German experimentalist Conny Plank. Their long-out-of-print self-titled 12-inch is being reissued by Grönland Records on December 10, and now we can check out the bonus cut "Witches Multiplication Table."

This song doesn't appear on the 12-inch proper, but rather on the deluxe box set edition with three 10-inches. The appropriately spooked-up track consists of five minutes of syncopated grooves, jazzy horns and mysterious spoken word, not unlike something you would have heard on Can's Soon Over Babaluma.

Also below, watch a short video of Plank creeping slowly towards the camera. The vintage clip features an eerie soundscape, and while it's frankly a little baffling, there's no question that it's extremely appropriate for Halloween.

Learn more about the new Les Vampyrettes reissue here, where you'll also find info on Czukay's upcoming On the Way to the Peak of Normal 12-inch on Grönland.

Conny Planck Halloween Special klein from Grönland Records on Vimeo.