Les Thanatologues Ils Son't La!

Les Thanatologues rip through their third release with a caustic brand of danceable trash rock with plenty of weirdness thrown in for good measure. For the most part the lyrics are laden with horror kitsch with references to Frankenstein, cemetery rock’n’roll, parties for the damned and vampire girlfriends. But it’s the music that really matters, and these guys are making sounds that are way more likeable than they are scary. Armed with a saxophone, guitars, basses and drums, this seven-piece out of Sherbrooke, QC make a sound so full of raunchy grit and debauchery that it seems like it could collapse at any moment under the weight of all the noise. The peculiarity of the band’s campy taste isn’t at all a deterrent. Everything fits in so well together that it soon becomes obvious that this is an album that should only ever be listened to at full volume. (Independent)